Democracy in danger

It is time that the people of Europe realize what is going to happen in the motherland of Democracy.
Greek citizens voted clearly against the austerity measures imposed by the IMF and EU. For 2 years now more and more measures are taken and the only result is poverty and unemployment.
Despite the clear message of the Greek people, Greek politicians in coalition with their EU partners try to establish a government to impose more austerity.
Fellow Europeans, we want to pay off our debts, we want your help, we want to stay in the eurozone, but you must realize that your tax money that come to rescue Greece have no rescue effect because they are being followed by the wrong policy, a policy that only makes Greeks poorer, leaves them unemployed and does not guarantee that Greece will be able to exit the crisis.
Fellow Europeans , Greeks cancelled this policy by voting against it a week ago. A government to apply this policy will be out of democratic bounds and over the people expressed will.



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